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About the Writer

Maximiliano Stochyk Duarte is the Ketostatus Founder and Writer.
Maximiliano Stochyk Duarte Author at Ketostatus

How did I get into Keto?

Thanks for joining my blog, my name is Maximiliano Stochyk Duarte and I’m here to write my story with the ketogenic diet and how it changed my life, for real.

I started Ketostatus on November 2017 and I know the design is a bit basic, but that’s the point.

My Story

From 2012 to 2017

I was 97kg or around 213lbs. I was 40-50lbs over my normal weight.

It was frustrating for me at that time so I decided to change ASAP.

First, I started with a classic diet where I was starving all day long eating 1000-1200 calories per day. It worked, I lost 5 kg with it and fast (probably water weight).

One day I stumbled with a site called Diet Doctor and then I realized how much I would like the keto diet, I love meats, veggies and I could eat that all day long, I don’t like sugars that much.

I started by checking out all the content from the site and I even felt in love with “Intermittent Fasting” and MyFitnessPal.

I think that MyFitnessPal gives you so much control on what you eat that is crucial to use it if you’re serious about losing weight or even improving your health.

Without further ado,

Let’s get started!


My Progress (Consistency is the key)

Maximiliano Stochyk Duarte with 97kg
In this photo taken in 2016 I was 97kg or almost 213 lbs. Life was good but I was eating so much junk food that it became a problem. Fortunately I found the Keto Diet in 2017.
Maximiliano Stochyk Duarte with 75kg
This photo was taken during 2017, It’s Maximiliano Stochyk Duarte with almost 75kg or 165lbs. I started feeling so much energy from the Ketogenic Diet. I’m really happy about my change, in all aspects of life.